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Traditional merenda

The traditional merenda valdostana at our agritourism Le Chemin de la Luge is usually served in the afternoon. It will fascinate people looking forward for genuine and tasty food:


we serve delicious regional cold cuts such as Lardo di Arnad DOP, Mocetta DOP, Coppa al Ginepro DOP and our own production, a sheep salami.


The vegetables go directly from our veg. gardens to you table; you might savour our home made pickled vegetables or in oil courgette, peppers or green beans.


Don't miss our spinach savoury pies, the tomini al verde or with rhubarb jamchestnuts and butter of our own production, potatoes or polenta with sausage and Aosta Valley's well known cheese as Fontina DOP, Toma DOP and the Salignun.


The menu ends with our desserts made out of fresh seasonal fruits: raspberry tart, black bread semifreddo, pannacotta with raspberry jam... All made with simple ingredients ofour own production!


The wine, in bulk or bottled, is directly provided by Caves de Donnas: Barmet of Donnas, Rouge de Cave of Donnas, Fumin of Villeneuve.


We also offer beer or homemade apple, cranberries, blueberries juices and syrups.



Traditional merenda 10 - 15 euros per person

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