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Excursions & sightseeing

There are many different activities and sightseeing to do in the surroundings of our agritourism Le Chemin de la Luge. You might do some climbing at the Placche di Oriana, within walking distance from us and from where you can enjoy a pleasant panorama on the eastern Aosta Valley and on the Monte Rosa. Do some hiking at the Mont Avic Natural Park or just take a restful walk in the woods around our hamlet (Courtil), or take advantage of the proximity of the Forte di Bard and visit some interesting temporary art exhibition. Some more detailed infos following would be helpful to make your choice.

Rock climbing at Placche di Oriana

The Placche di Oriana, located just above Courtil's hamlet, are well known by North-West Italy, Swiss and French climbers who crowd it from spring to fall. From the top of the routes, on open sunny days, you may admire Mont Rosa's glaciers.


The Placche di Oriana are a good choice for both technical and grip climb lovers and are divided into 3 zones: left, right and third zone called Bimbo Climb.


The climbing road least difficulty is 3b, the max you can find is 6b, while the average is 5c. There are 21 long roads and 15 simple roads in the Bimbo Climb zone. The average lenght is 140 meters, where 12 it's the minimum and 150 is the max.


Access: from our hamlet (Courtil) you walk up on the sealed road (unauthorized vehicles can't go further) till Plan de Fiou, starting point for climbing routes.


Here are some routes descriptions (links source:, they are in Italian but should be helpful anyway:


right side: Spigolo verde - difficulty level 4/3 obbl

right side: Overfive - difficulty level 5c/5c obbl

right side: Spigolo Hindukush - difficulty level 5c/5a obbl

right side: Legati per sempre - difficulty level 6b/5c obbl

right side: Olio di gomito - difficulty level 6b+/5a obbl

left side: Spirito Divino - difficulty level 5a/4 obbl


Once you'll be done with your sports efforts, don't forget to visit us at our agritourism for a superbe traditional merenda valdostana!

(1 minute walk from the parking)

Bard Fortress and its medieval hamlet

The famous Bard Fortress (Forte di Bard) and its underlying medieval hamlet are less than twenty minutes drive from our agritourism (12 km); you may visit the distinctive village of Bard and the fortress that stands upon it where the Museum of Mountain is installed as well as many temporary exhibitions mainly painting's and photography's.


Also, from spring to fall a rich calendar of cultural events is organized and it includes concerts, conferences, food and wine shows and sport competitions is organized.


Click on the Forte di Bard logo to check the events schedule.

Hiking in the Mont Avic Natural Park

The Mont Avic Natural Park got a great naturalist wealth, manteined over time thanks to the roughness of the land which restrict agricultural activities and make it less accessible to mass tourism. A natural spot still intact which holds a world of fauna and flora species found nowhere else. One of the two Park visitor centres is located in Villa Biamonti, in Castello's hamlet in Champorcher.



The most known and beaten path starts just above the hamlet of Località Mont Blanc in Champorcher (13 km from the agritourism): going through the Col du Lac Blanc it descend into the Vallone of Champdepraz, with the Matterhorn and the Monte Rosa set as background, get to the Lac Blanc, next to the Rifugio Barbustel (2200 meters), and to the Lac Cornu, finally reaching the Grand Lac, the largest natural lake in Aosta Valley.

A second path goes along Champorcher's valley towards the hamlet of Dondenaz: you may reach the Lago Miserin at 2576 meters above sea level and, using the Savoia old hunting royal road, the Finestra di Champorcher, a 2826 meters quote Pass which allows the access to the Valley of Cogne.


Mountain bike and horse riding

Mountain bike and horse riding are also among the activities which are offered in the park and you may enjoy to do during your stay: please refer to the Park Authority for informations and paths allowed.


Click on the logo to verify Mont Avic Natural Park paths and contacts.

Mont Avic Natural Park simplified paths map. Click on it for the full view mode.

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