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Le Chemin de la Luge Agritourism

Aosta Valley's agritourism immersed in the old good silence

Our agritourism, Le Chemin de la Luge, is located in the Champorcher Valley (a side valley of the central one, Aosta Valley, which give name to the region), just next to the Mont Avic Regional Park and the Forte di Bard. Above the agritourism and the village of Courtil there's a wide range of rock-climbing paths, which fit all requirements from beginners to pro climbers. The agritourism facility, made from stone and wood a long time ago, is a recently renovated building with all the comforts for an memorable stay.


If you are looking for some good-tasting traditional merendas or some days off in Aosta Valley, please contact us to finally get to a place immersed in the good old silence, so hard to find nowadays. 


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La Luge (The Sled)

Le Chemin de la Luge means The Sled Road. Courtil, as pretty much the majority of Aosta Valley's little villages risen on its mountains, has been populated by farmers before the Industrial Revolution. In winter season, those people used to trasport their products on a sled, usually pulled along the trail by animals or the people themselves.


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